LETTER – A bike lane across the bridge would help with traffic flow

LETTER - A bike lane across the bridge would help with traffic flow

Dear editor,

I am writing to thank Michael Gilbert for motivating me to write to mayor and council in support of a bike lane on the bridge.

Too often the people who are negative shout the loudest. It seems to be human nature to always focus on what we think is wrong and we don’t express our gratitude to each other often enough for what we do well.

While I don’t personally ride my bike often enough (I get lazy) I have great respect for and appreciate those who do.

Any intelligent person would recognize that a bike lane would help the traffic backups by avoiding those slowdowns that happen every time a bike has to cross the bridge.

As an occasional bike rider in the summer I feel a lot of pressure from drivers whenever I have to assert my right to take over the road when I cross that bridge.

It is pretty stressful since I am not very fast!

I also want to express gratitude to all those drivers who are so respectful of people on bikes and allow them lots of space and time. It seems to me that those who are hostile to bike riders are simply a vocal minority.

So, like Mr. Gilbert, I am writing to encourage you to write to mayor and council, except in this case I am asking you to let them know that they have your support. They have probably heard more than enough from the name-calling naysayers.

Esther Hutton,