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LETTER – Are dental office staff exempt from vaccine mandates?

Dear editor,

Beware! There are unvaccinated people working in dental offices!

When I went to the dentist this morning with a toothache I provided all the information required by them regarding my COVID status. I asked and was informed that there are people working in the office who are not vaccinated. Another patient in the waiting room commented that there was no way she was going to see the dentist under these circumstances.

I wanted to know if the staff working on me were vaccinated and was told that my question was “an invasion of privacy.” They had “ the right to their privacy.” Do we not have the right to know if we are safe? Am I going to endanger my unvaccinated grandchildren? What is the priority: life and death or their privacy.

Do people feel shame that they aren’t vaccinated? What is so private? It’s not a sexually transmitted disease. If you have a legitimate reason for not being vaccinated then speak up. If you have no excuse for not being vaccinated, other than you feel better informed than 96 per cent of all the doctors in Canada, then perhaps you should be embarrassed at claiming such superior intelligence.

Where are the dentists in this? Are they not obligated to protect their patients?

The line I heard from the dentist and the receptionist was “We are following the guidelines.” Is that akin to “we were just following orders?”

Is that what they’ll say when a patient dies from COVID contracted in their office?

Ann Zanbilowicz,


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