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LETTER - Backyard chickens is not a political issue, it’s a practical issue

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Hopefully now, after COVID, the summer fires and now the landslides that have trapped friends, family and neighbours in B.C., the municipality of Comox will see that the crisis of food security is a pressing issue.

The issue of backyard chickens (and urban agriculture in general) is not a flight of fancy; it is a real strategy for individuals who care about sustainability, self-reliance and community. Let’s stop pretending that this is an issue to pit neighbour against neighbour, candidate against candidate. It’s not a political issue, it’s a practical issue.

For those who wish to provide food for themselves and their community: raise those chickens, turn lawn into vegetable gardens and create a healthy community. This is a return to the mentality of victory over adversity.

Vanessa Horwood,