Langley Lake area. Photo, JET Productions

Langley Lake area. Photo, JET Productions

LETTER- Clean water should take precedence over logging rights

Dear editor,

Mosaic wants to log in the Union Bay community watershed now that taxpayers paid millions to end a long-standing boil water advisory and invest in a water treatment plant? This investment was meant for the community, not a predatory logging company to turn a quick buck.

The writing was on the wall after years of rampant logging in the Courtenay community watershed contributed to turbidity spikes and a necessity for a new $126 million treatment plant there.

Langley Lake is extremely vulnerable to logging-related turbidity and you can guarantee when it happens we will only get a heartfelt apology from the talking heads at Mosaic.

Our communities need to stand up for what is important and I would put access to clean water at the top of that list.

Daniel Williams,

Union Bay

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