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LETTER – Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds is the wrong site for an agriplex/multiplex building

Dear editor,

The Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds is the wrong site for the “agriplex- multiplex” building for two reasons.

First, the use of this property, previously Stonehenge Farm must be appropriate for its agricultural land reserve (ALR) designation. The “agriplex-multiplex” is not appropriate for ALR-designated land because it does not meet the ALR requirement that the land be used for farming or farming-related activity.

Appropriate uses of this site could include community garden allotments to allow people to grow food, a picnic area for outdoor gatherings, renovation of an existing structure for equestrian shows, and possible rejuvenation of the previous Garry oak meadow. These uses would maintain the natural state of this land and fall within the purview of ALR.

Second, the proposed building site is adjacent to the home of the Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society (CVTRS) This organization has provided therapeutic riding experiences to children and adults with diverse abilities for over 30years at this site. This current peaceful locale is necessary due to the sensitive nature of these horses and their riders. The operation of CVTRS is incompatible with and would be destroyed by the extended noise and disruption associated with building the “agriplex-multiplex.”

Trudy Beaton,

Former CVRTS board member

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