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LETTER - Comox Valley transit strike also affects children


Dear editor,

My husband who has proudly worked as a teacher, vice-principal and principal in the Comox Valley for almost 30 years made a valid point at the extent of the damage that this strike is doing to our children.

He was the former principal of Glacier View School where some of our underprivileged children attend and work toward their much-deserved education.

The children who live in Cumberland and other communities outside the catchment that require our bus service to attend their classes are not able to get to school. As a Canadian, their education is a basic human right and should be an absolute priority. These kids are vulnerable, often from homes with lots of dysfunction. Parents may be struggling financially and without transport or sadly in some cases the kids don’t have a family at all. Some of these parents are struggling with drug addiction or just not present like most of us are for our children.

These kids need to attend this amazing school and feel part of a community. To receive a hot breakfast as many of them don’t have access to food. To be connected with their safe place, friends and the right to educational support.

These kids rely heavily on public transport to attend their school because they don’t have the support network at home that they deserve.

These kids are at risk of not attending their classes, which affects their attendance, affecting their grades and their basic education. This all then collectively compromises their grades leaving them at risk of not graduating.

This delay of resolution to this transport dispute is not OK. The hard truth and the extent of damage this is doing to our vulnerable community is not thought about.

It extends beyond financial gains.

This is also about our kids.

On behalf of my husband Murray Mcrae who has supported and loved these kids, I want to make it apparent that this is not just about money. This carries a much greater cost. We need to be more proactive and meet a resolution so our community - young and old - is not affected so poorly.

Lisa Bailey,