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LETTER - Decriminalizing drugs is not the solution to the problem

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

I agree with Coun. Grant on the message of decriminalizing deadly drugs. It sends another permissive message to young people.

One councillor talks of the social acceptance of alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis. Hardly healthy habits.

Another talks of experimentation… but he is still around. Many young people today die from that experimentation. Deadly drugs are prolific everywhere – more deaths than COVID.

I have never seen a newspaper article, TV news, online news, protesting the imprisonment of an addict for simple possession of an illicit drug. Police do not waste their time, nor court time on this. They are too busy dealing with the fallout of addiction, mental heath issues, unresolved by our senior governments.

Our society accepts that little can be done to stop the flow of deadly drugs. However, it is quite acceptable to intern old folks who can no longer function on their own, to protect them.

Internment. Such a novel idea. If it is good enough for our seniors, it should be an acceptable solution to intern deadly drug dealers and to treat those poor souls who are addicted or mentally incapable of surviving in our very generous, caring society.

So folks at Point Holmes, there are much bigger issues than speeders. However, it is the same issue of politicians hoping the problem will go away. It will take some desire to make a change to our society which values personal choices over the general well being of our society.

Phil Harrison,


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