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LETTER - Goose Spit beach fire program proved successful, despite what some former politicians say

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Jim Gillis’s letter of Jan. 5 (Former regional district director says Town of Comox overstepping its boundaries) was erroneous.

It is correct, that when, in 2008, he was elected as the Comox Valley Regional District director for the Goose Spit area, he did, take a very strong stand on “no fires” at Goose Spit, some say because he lives in one of the area homes.

He appears to have forgotten that when he came to power in 2008, there was a very well-managed beach fire program already in place, (part of a draft master plan for Goose Spit), established by me, his predecessor.

Small fire rings were located in areas most accessible for fire protection. Dry firewood was provided free of charge to prevent the burning of driftwood.

Comox volunteer firemen patrolled the beach to enforce and educate.

Many young people and families were enjoying a safe beach fire experience and had been roasting dogs and burgers long before Jim Gillis.

The program, a response to illegal and dangerous beach fires, which had plagued local beaches for years, was very successful.

It was because of a campaign, led by the current Comox Mayor Russ Arnott, that Jim Gillis was unsuccessful in closing down the beach fire program.

Over the years, the program has evolved, and now park rangers manage the park and the master plan for Goose Spit has taken shape on the ground.

The Goose Spit Park is one of my favourite places.

Barbara Price,