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LETTER - If the government listened, there would be no need for extreme forms of protest

Dear editor,
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Dear editor,

Tom Fletcher’s article (Horgan says protesters are trying to provoke people, raise money April 27 Record) would have us believe that people who support the protection of Fairy Creek and other old growth forests are ignoring the progress that has been made in this area, i.e. the government’s “deferral” of logging in some of those forests.

Premier Horgan wants us all to dismiss the concerns of the group “Save Old Growth” because they are “self-absorbed” and have intruded on the rights of British Columbians by their choice of protest methods (blocking traffic). While their methods might be disagreeable to many, their message is a very important one.

Both Horgan and Fletcher would like us to be distracted from the fact that our beautiful, ancient, bio-diverse forests are still being clear-cut at a surprising rate. They say that there will be no logging for two years in certain areas, and then allow logging to continue anyway. That is trickery. A majority of British Columbians want those old growth forests saved.

Premier Horgan seems to think so highly of his own opinions that he can intrude on the rights of those who disagree with the level of old-growth massacre that is happening now. If the government were more honestly putting creative thought and effort improving forestry methods in B.C., there would be no need for extreme forms of protest.

Wendy McNiven