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LETTER - If wood smoke is not already an election issue, it should be

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

The Comox Valley is living through another, thankfully short, period of wood smoke related air quality and provincially announced heath hazard.

Why do people not understand that burning wood to heat your home in an urban environment is also a health hazard?

Since municipal elections are upcoming, I encourage all health conscious voters in Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland to inquire with those running for office if they support poisoning their constituents with wood smoke every winter.

We need bylaws with a mechanism to report poor burning practices and institute corrective measures or penalties as required.

There is ample electricity available for installation of heat pumps. Anyone who has owned their home here for more than five years should be able to leverage their equity to get the funds to decommission their wood burner and install a heat pump.

The use of wood burning appliances to heat homes in an urban environment is a relic of a bygone era and needs to be stopped.

Maurice Levert


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