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LETTER: Ignore the partisan ads; think for yourself this election

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Regarding Comox Valley Taxpayers Alliance ads:

They seem to have a problem with foreign influence in our elections.

I do notice that they are only objecting to left-wing interference.

I would like to point out that the Fraser Institute is a right-wing think tank funded by millions of foreign dollars that has had, over the years, a great deal of influence on our elections.

I think it is time that the electorate begin to think for themselves. Look at the record of the people who are in office and decide if they are doing the job that you want them to do. We all need to realize that political positions are constrained by our laws and former lawmakers, so what gets done in the length of time from election to election may not be what you want, but if the direction is correct, perhaps that indicates how you should vote.

If the direction is wrong, vote for change.

Think for yourself.

Marilyn Henderson,