Letters to the editor.

Letter – It is time for municipalities to take active transportation more seriously

Dear editor,

I just bought a recumbent trike this past summer and joined the growing bike population.

I thought the bike lanes were confusing when driving a vehicle. Driving a bike can get worse.

I side with Steven (Who’s responsible for buffering the bike lanes? Dec. 22 Record). It would seem towns/cities think of bikes as an afterthought. They go so far and know what? Bike lanes need to be taken more seriously.

For example, sidewalks could be double the width. Giving a curb and some protection from traffic. A raised piece/the green painted could even cause traffic to slow or stop, at intersections, God forbid. I run my trike on some sidewalks. Using common sense and courtesy there has been no problem, however, it is their space. We need sensible bike lanes.

Let Courtenay be the first to show how it is done.

Also, we have electric car stations. We now have electric bikes and some of us travel long distances, but no 110 attached to charge our bikes.

Frank Black,


Comox ValleyLetter to the Editor