Letter to the editor.

LETTER – Recent change to the Strata Property Act will have unintended consequences

Dear editor,

I applaud Premier Eby for his willingness to consider innovative solutions to B.C.’s lack of affordable housing.

However, I believe that the recent change to the Strata Property Act that canceled no-rental bylaws, legally passed by strata owners, will have unintended consequences.

Opening ownership of all strata units to investors hoping to turn a profit on rental properties will increase competition for the units available. Strata ownership until now has been an economical option for first-time home buyers and seniors looking to downsize. They will now have to bid against someone who is looking to make a profit on the ownership of a strata unit. As competition increases, I expect prices will too.

I hope Premier Eby will consider the dismay being expressed by strata owners across the province and reconsider this legislative change to the Strata Property Act.

Kathie Woodley,


Letter to the Editor