Letters to the editor.

LETTER – Record newspaper delivery person thanks her customers

Dear editor,

To all my Record customers on Mansfield, Cliffe Avenue, from 21st to 31st, 26th, Piercy, Galloway, Hornby Place, Stewart and Fitzgerald. I want to thank all of you for the gifts, cards and tokens of your appreciation to me this season.

All year long you have been awesome and keep a smile on my face. It is Jan. 4 and the snow has begun to fall yet again.

I am so sorry to miss some of you last week and I guess again this week because the snow has not been cleared at all, so I cannot use the sidewalks or travel safely on the roads to deliver your paper. In fact, living on Mansfield Drive, it is not possible to safely cross Cliffe Avenue. Believe me, I’ve done it twice and I am still shaking from trying to stay clear of cars.

I hope you understand, and let’s all pray for a late Christmas miracle and see the city clear the sidewalks and make it safe for all. Thank you for understanding.

Bev Smit,


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