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LETTER- Senior suggesting his generation should not have vaccine priority must live a lonely life

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

In a Letter to the Editor published in the Dec. 9 issue, Mr. Kimm, sadly, tells us that, at 71, he is no longer a productive member of society (Priority for COVID vaccination should be given to front-line health and emergency workers – not us seniors).

He apparently defines such a member as working in a factory, or plant, a heath care or other emergency worker, or in offices. He suggests there are also many who are under retirement age that are also non-productive, such as politicians. He goes on to cite with approval, Shakespeare, who himself, by Mr. Kimm’s definition, would have been one of Mr. Kimm’s non-productive members of society.

COVID vaccine allocation aside (the reason for his letter), and while it is true that those of use who labour are often under-recognized for our contribution, Mr. Kimm blithely negates the contribution of the writers, artists, entertainers, and even many politicians among us. Just as important as the latter, are the volunteers in food banks, and those who visit elders (in non-COVID times), neighbours watching out for and helping one another, and those who spare a smile, a hello, and hold the door for their fellow citizens.

I hope there aren’t many like Mr. Kimm, gazing out the window as the world passes by, believing themselves unworthy of any further participation and contribution because they have aged out, and do not physically labour. I think Mr. Kimm’s world is a very bleak place, indeed.

Janice Tanche,