Letters to the Editor.

LETTER – Spend money on others instead of ourselves this Boxing Day

Dear editor,

Boxing Day isn’t about throwing out all the boxes we collected from our Christmas presents or about buying more items in boxes to throw out on the next garbage day.

Its most likely reference is to the Christmas boxes, or presents, that the rich people gave to the service workers the day after Christmas – like the servants, tradespeople, postal workers and errand boys ­– as well as the poor and vulnerable.

How about we do the same thing this year and, instead of going out on Boxing Day to buy those items we don’t need, we convert that money into $5 bills and hand them out before and after Christmas to our garbage guys, friendly grocery clerks and shopkeepers, delivery people, cleaners, bank tellers, recycling helpers, charity workers, as well as the people struggling with mental illness, financial difficulties and just plain poverty of spirit?

Judy Johnson,