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LETTER - Take time to show your appreciation to hospital staff

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

We must not forget, for some, things are not getting any easier.

My first daughter was born months before the pandemic began, and my second, just last month. It was an eyeopener for me to see the difference between now and then. There were a few scary days with my second as she had a hard start, and had to be airlifted to another hospital, but the doctors, nurses and all medical staff involved were amazing and were able to get her healthy and on her way home within a few days.

The medical teams we have here, my heart goes out to them. They are overworked, short-staffed, burnt out and yet they choose to support all of us with a smile, with concern, and with nothing but love. Some were able to hide it well Others, I saw wipe tears away behind their desks, and moments later supported us and other patients with a smile and positive attitude.

After seeing the before and now, I realized, they deserve more. No longer will I be upset for rescheduled appointments, or for having to wait at my appointment because they are behind schedule.

We are so lucky to have these healthcare professionals working as hard as they do and we all need to realize we need to be more patient and be grateful of being able to receive our healthcare at all, even if it means longer wait times.

We should appreciate every minute they give us, because every minute counts. If you run into someone working in the medical field, offer them a minute. \Maybe it will be a minute less cutting the grass, or a minute less waiting in line for a coffee, a minute less they are waiting for you to show up for your appointment. It is a minute gained for them to rest and recharge, a minute gained for them to help others, and a minute more could be the difference between life and death.

There is nothing more valuable than more minutes in a busy day, they deserve it and much more. Let’s find a way to give it to them. They are today’s true heroes.

Daniel Szordykowski,