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LETTER -The destruction of public property, such as statues, should not be tolerated

Dear editor,

The recent vandalism in Victoria on Canada Day with the pulling down of the Captain Cook Statue and being thrown into the harbour has become another virus in communities that no vaccination will cure.

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These mindless people who think they are standing up for one issue and destroying our history in another issue have to stop. Not only do these people know nothing of the history behind these statues but they are getting away with it. Another statue was pulled down of Queen Victoria in Winnipeg July 1 also. These statues remind us of the people who gave their lives for humanity and if these vandals are allowed to get away with it, what’s next?

What we can only do is learn about the issues and make the corrections so it doesn’t happen again but to destroy public property for no reason is mindless!

Randy Komar,


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