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LETTER - Town of Comox should look at creation of shoreline walkways

Dear editor,
The Courtenay Riverway Trail starts downtown at the bottom of 6th Street, and runs alongside the Courtenay River and Estuary. A Comox resident questions why there is a lack of shoreline walkways in the town. Scott Stanfield photo

Dear editor,

My residence is in Comox. I go for frequent walks, all on the Courtenay/Royston side, because they have well-developed, well-maintained, well-marked, enjoyable shoreline walkways with wonderful views. Obviously, I am not alone in this opinion as the walkways are full of other people enjoying them as well. In addition, when I am in Courtenay doing walks, I tend to buy things there, go into the malls, shops, cafes, etc. I then wonder why Comox does not have anything of similar appeal?

Why does Comox not develop shoreline walkways, connecting Augusta Park with the Marina area, the Marina area with the Filberg Park area, the Filberg Park area with the Mack Laing area, and from there to Goose Spit? The existing shoreline-developed walkways are short sections and do not lead anywhere. One can walk for five minutes and then turn around. The Laing area has some relatively recently added boardwalks; could boardwalks not be developed further along the shoreline, perhaps protected by rock?

I know some would say there is much private property along the shore, but private ownership does not extend all the way down to the shoreline itself, that is an area of public ownership. A boardwalk could be built on Crown ownership land, buttressed by rock to reduce possible high tide or storm damage. Courtenay seems to be able to cope with tides and storms related to its shoreline walkways.

I am sure many residents of Comox would welcome a shoreline walkway, as would Comox businesses that would likely see more spending kept in the Comox stores and mall rather than across the bay.

Comox has spent much (millions?) on the new pavilions in the Marina Park, pavilions which are never seen being used, generate (one assumes) a pittance in terms of income for the town, do not generate more healthy practices, and are of a dubious architectural contribution to the Marina area, with, now, some six different, contradictory, incoherent, architectural styles themes in the park and marina.

Could Comox please spend some money on something of more value, benefit, and appearance, and try to develop a shoreline walkway?

Helmut Mach,


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