MARS intent on continuing to rescue wildlife

Dear editor,
I wish to reassure our community that MARS is working hard to continue to provide wildlife rescue services.

Dear editor,

In reference to recent articles in the news of MARS lack of funding, I wish to reassure our community that we at MARS (Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society) are working hard to continue to provide wildlife rescue services, thanks to the support from the local community.

We are more than a Band-Aid solution for wildlife.

Our volunteers commit hours of their time to educate through the schools, on site with work experience programs, and at various community events. We participate in wildlife studies and promote conservation and habitat protection through participation on various community committees and efforts.

Over the last two months our volunteers attended craft sales with items donated by supporters and sold Hot Chocolate Bald Eagles.  We still have wildlife certificates and gifts that are available as well as an on-line gift store available through our website at We are planning more upcoming events and raffles to fundraise to keep our operations going.

While we depend upon the generosity of folks who find wildlife, those who love to see them wild and free, we must continue to keep working hard to secure funds for our operations.  We welcome all who wish to contribute ideas and work on our funding committee to join us in these efforts.

Contact us for more information at 250-337-2021 or

We feel that it is everyone’s responsibility to care for the environment in which we live for future generations to enjoy. That includes stewardship of our natural resources and protection of wild native species. We want to express our gratitude and sincere Thanks to all for your support and coverage in the media, and reiterate that our plan is to keep our doors open for business.  Watch for more upcoming events through the media and on our Facebook page.

Maj Birch

Editor’s note: Maj Birch is the manager of the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society in Merville.