Opulence reigns supreme, taxpayers pay for it

Dear editor,

In today's world its easy to see that opulence reigns supreme.

Dear editor,

In today’s world its easy to see that opulence reigns supreme.

In todays’ governments the same can be said about the way they spend taxpayers’ money.

Let us look at the $14 billion that has been spent on the Olympics by Britain. Is it possible that with the European

economy in shambles; countries going bankrupt, defaulting on debt payments, that we would throw away billions on a show of

sport to somehow ameliorate the worlds’ population?

This is the fallacy of politicians today — despite all the indicators we somehow must continue to waste good money on extravagance.

Whether it is municipal governments spending money on unneeded infrastructure and toys for employees, provincial governments refining liquor laws so that more people can drink alcohol or federal governments using nepotism on projects for personal gain; the useless waste continues while the lowly taxpayer ponies up his money.

Let’s hear it for democracy and taxation!

John Logan,