Please retain public recycling bins

Bins on sites readily accessible have had a beneficial effect on many fronts

Dear editor,

What has just occurred? We just cannot believe it.

We have spent years training people to sort their used containers, newspapers, magazines and paper, separating out the plastics from the cardboard, glass, etc.

This has been a worthwhile endeavour. We have become adept at routinely doing this.

We have also support a worthy following of energetic men and women who sort out the containers that have a return value, otherwise going straight into the landfill, and thus gathering a few bucks that they earn for their tenacity, and initiative, and providing a worthwhile service to the community.

Most of my friends already have their recyclables sorted.

Rather than waiting at the bottle depot we can give the returnable containers to be taken to the recycling depot, so the materials that can be reused can still be directed as best possible. Rather than dumping returnable containers we can give them to someone who will transport for refund, a double duty task.

Now, with huge alarm and amazement we discover that the piles of materials aforementioned will have no place except the landfill unless the municipality has a costly recycling plan like that of Comox.

Those bins on sites readily accessible have had a beneficial effect on many fronts. This has been not only a service but ecological on many fronts.

Driving to the dump is costly, environmentally disgraceful, and even impossible for many. Actually inane.

I wish to applaud those who have facilitated this process by providing space for the containers, as well as to the many who have diligently combined a weekly trip with shopping to put their sortable waste into those bins as designated.

Please retain these sites. They were a good idea, and this regressive move will create more waste and confusion. We have lost a valuable service that is appreciated and effective. Please revisit this and re-implement a wonderful service to the community.

Don Carey,