Public-sector unions must go

Dear editor,

It is fundamentally wrong for public employees to receive more wages and benefits than private employees doing the same job.

Dear editor,

It is fundamentally wrong for public employees to receive more wages and benefits than private employees doing the same job.

The country will never be great until everyone is treated equally and our current class structure is gone.

As a taxpayer who has seen property taxes increase 30 per cent in eight years, I am tired of paying 100 per cent of my physiotherapy, glasses, dental, etc. and 80 per cent of public employees’ needs.

There is something we can do. Public-sector unions must go, as they are going in other parts of the world.

For years, public-sector unions have been told who to vote for in civic, provincial and federal elections. Personal gain has always been the objective. Vote in candidates who are sympathetic to the unions, and you allow those unions to control taxpayer money.

And don’t underestimate the unions’ capabilities.

Look how the HST vote was manipulated. Look who was collecting the signatures. The motive was to discredit the current provincial government and boost the union parties’ popularity. It worked!

Stockton has just become the largest U.S. city to declare bankruptcy. Many will follow gone are the obligations to public workers and retired public workers. They bled the city dry.

The Scranton, Pa., mayor is rolling back police, fire, garbage collectors’, etc. wages to minimum wage. And look what greed has done to Europe!

Solutions? There are two, and both will bring the same results.

1. In elections, we vote for candidates and parties whose election platforms call for equality. No more special privileges to a select few. No more unions.

2. If no party adopts that platform, we vote instead for the union party. I know. I’m starting to get the dry heaves also.

The NDP owes the unions big time for years of support. We get them in and they will give the unions everything they want. Maximum class size 15 students. Hire more teachers. Pro-D Day every Friday and 20 days off when a Facebook friend dies. Instead of paying liquor store clerks three times what private-sector clerks get, let’s make it five times.

And then there are ferry workers. In the past couple of years, they have sunk a ferry, killed two people and demolished the Duke Point terminal. We’ll give them a large performance bonus.

Are you getting the picture? Union greed will bankrupt municipalities, the province and the country. The sooner the better! Once all governments are bankrupt, the problem is settled.

The unions won’t go without a fight. That’s what they are good at. They will do everything they can to keep things as they are, but if there is no more money, they will lose the fight.

Off the record, they can see the writing on the wall. It’s coming and they can’t stop it.

John Caddell Sr.,