Renouncing HST would be expensive

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

It is interesting that those who wish to refight the last election by their recall campaign have not taken into consideration the costs this would entail.

I hope they realize that if the HST is rescinded, the PST will be put back in place. This will cause more expense to the business owner as well as the tremendous cost to the government to collect this tax.

The government needs money to provide us with the services that we wish to have. To do this they need to collect taxes.

If they do it by way of income taxes, the incentive to add to the economy is reduced. To do it by way of a consumption tax like the HST makes it easier for business to keep records, update goods and machinery, and provide a source of employment.

There have been suggestions that this tax is benefiting business at the expense of the individual. If business is prospering, it pays corporate taxes and also income taxes from the individuals who own or work for the company.

Years ago when the federal sales tax (hidden) was replaced with the GST, there was a hue and cry about the new tax. Gradually, people came to realize that it was better to pay a tax that was exposed than one that was hidden.

The HST is only paid when you consume products or services. With income taxes, the harder you work, the more you pay.

The money that the government spends is our money — let’s not spend it on frivolous recall campaigns. Duncan Stockwell,