Silence of the Labs

CBC's Fifth Estate on Jan. 10 details funding cuts to researchers

Dear editor,

As the Harper government forges ahead in cutting spending, we hear about the cuts to the local coast guard and DFO.

In the past few years, the federal government has cut funding to more than 76 world renowned research institutes and hundreds of programs.

The Harper government has dismissed more than 2,000 scientists and researchers. It has cut programs that monitored smoke emissions, food inspections, oil spills, water quality and climate change.

In Silence of the Labs, Jan. 10 at 9 p.m., the CBC’s Fifth Estate tells the story of scientists  becoming unlikely radicals, denouncing what they call a politically-driven war on knowledge — and what is at stake for Canadians — from Nova Scotia to the B.C. Pacific Coast to the far Arctic Circle.

Perhaps the school board could take its lead from the feds and cut math or reading from the curriculum.

Mel McLachlan,