Treat our vets with respect

Dear editor,

I was in Tim Hortons last week with some friends in Courtenay and I couldn’t help but notice that the place was abuzz about how poorly our veterans were being treated.

It’s hard to believe.

We often forget that our military personnel are, in fact, workers – committed to carrying out a specific job. When their employer (Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Government of Canada) puts them in harm’s way and then they are injured or killed, it should be incumbent upon the government to properly take care of them and their families.

If the government truly believes that we cannot afford to take care of our military personnel when they are injured or retire, then we cannot afford to send our troops to war.

It is unacceptable the way our dedicated veterans (of whom we’ve asked so much) are being treated with such disrespect. If you want to support our troops, send Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative government an e-mail demanding they stop picking on our vets.

Dave Coles

Comox Valley