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Truck convoy participants disrespected residents as they drove through Comox

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

“Freedom” is a word much bandied about right now, but do we really know what it means?

I happened to be in Comox on Saturday when the “truckers” protest moved through. I am all for free speech and peaceful demonstration and have partaken in many. Injustice and inequality and old ways need change and have to be challenged, but in an intelligent and respectful way. This is not what I observed on Saturday.

Apart from the raucous noise, a disrespectful banner with a hateful message was flown, other people who didn’t agree were being given the finger, and flag cars obviously part of the parade, were driving so fast along Comox Avenue to catch up, that pedestrians and dogs were alarmed.

Is this the message we want to pass on to the next generation? “I can protest how I like, I am entitled to my individual freedom, might is right.”

Sure, the truckers have a right to deliver their message, but not this way. “Freedom” comes with a cost and a responsibility to take our part in society as active participants with respect, upholding the values of understanding, co-operation, open discussion, the rule of law, and for the collective higher good of all. We can do this together by keeping steadfast with courage. If we allow disrespectful, hostage-taking, anarchical behavior to creep into society, it will grow into the divisions and hate we see south of the border.

Come on Canadians, our fathers and grandfathers didn’t sacrifice their lives in war for us to talk so lightly about “freedom.” Our children deserve a better example.

Helen Fox,