Who are we to believe about coal mine?

Dear editor,
Re: Proposed coal mine over Baynes Sound 'isn't an easy ask,' admits Comox Valley MLA.
Who do we believe?

Dear editor,Re: Proposed coal mine over Baynes Sound ‘isn’t an easy ask,’ admits Comox Valley MLA.Who do we believe?Comox Valley MLA Don McRae says “B.C. has some of the highest environmental standards in North America.” (Proposed coal mine over Baynes Sound ‘isn’t an easy ask,’ admits Comox Valley MLA, Comox Valley Record, July 7). Mr. McRae says “We’re proud of the environmental assessment process in British Columbia. It is strict, and you don’t see a lot of mines opening up in this province for that very reason.”The auditor-general of B. C., however, has just issued a “scathing” report on the effectiveness of the BC Environmental Assessment Office.The auditor general says, “When major projects such as mines are undertaken in the province, British Columbians expect that any potentially significant adverse effects will be avoided or mitigated. The Environmental Assessment Office is expected to provide sound oversight of such projects. However, this has not been happening.”A Vancouver Sun story goes on to say that, “Since 1995, the office has rejected outright only one project. Another 115 were approved, 40 remain temporarily inactive, 32 are active, and 16 have been terminated or withdrawn.”Mr. McRae says we have a great environmental assessment process in B.C. The auditor general of B.C. says we don’t. Perhaps Mr. McRae should meet with the auditor general so they can get their facts straight.Chris Armstrong,Royston

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