Who will pay for lost revenue from Courtenay’s pay parking ban?

Who will pay for lost revenue from Courtenay’s pay parking ban?

Dear editor,

Re: Courtenay council’s decision to ban paid parking at the new Comox Valley Hospital. I find it interesting that Courtenay council can legislate no paid parking at our new hospital. Does this mean that Courtenay taxpayers will be reimbursing the hospital on the lost annual revenue as a result of their decision? We presume that the hospital had assigned the revenue to pay for maintenance, snow removal, security and the excess revenue on new hospital equipment. How will the hospital recoup funds to pay for these future costs?

It is hard to believe that a city can make decisions that will impact the revenue of the hospital without being responsible for those costs. Never mind that local taxpayers are subsidizing people who own cars who choose to take them to the hospital. Citizens invest in a vehicle and all the costs that that vehicle will cost them including parking. If you can afford to pay for a vehicle, you can afford to be responsible for it.

John Bowman, the president of North Island College, has stayed the course on their decision for paid parking. I am sure it will pay for all manner of NIC parking lot costs, as well as the excess revenue will probably go to their foundation to support students with scholarships. I am quite sure that the hospital will tell Courtenay council where they can put their decision on no paid parking at the hospital, unless of course Courtenay is going to be responsible for the lost revenue.

We have not heard the last of this piece of political pandering.

Jim Gillis