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Comox Valley runners step it up in a couple of recent races

Leah Vecchione is all smiles as she crosses the finish line at the Cedar 12k. Photo by Chris Kelsall

Runners from the Comox Valley participated in two races on Sunday, Feb. 11.

The Island Race Series continued with its third event at the Cedar 12K. It was a lightly misty day on a route that toured past the scenic farmland.

Dan Wilson was the first local finisher, crossing the line in 48:04 to take fourth in the M50-54 category. Seconds behind him was Derek Brenchley, who was the first finisher from the Comox Valley Road Runners (CVRR). His time of 48:17 was good for first place in the M65-69 age group. Ken Manning finished second in the M70-74 age group, with a time of 63:31.

For the women, Maureen McDonald was the first CVRR finisher with a time of 62:48. Cindy Blackmore finished in 10th place for the F65-69 age group with a time of 73:36.

Other CVRR runners who finished the Cedar 12K included Leon Heath (51:14); Robert McCosh (56:59); Mark Arsenault (64:28); Debra Arsenault (74:10); Kass Lowe (76:31); Brenda Norn (76:55); Laura Wyatt (78:14); Leah Vecchione (94:40).

Run to Beer Comox Valley also participated in the Cedar 12K. Kim Coscia was the first RTB finisher with a time of 49:04, which was good for 14th place overall and second in the F25-29 age group. Adam Commandeur finished with 49:09, good for 10th place in the M25-29 age group. Valerie Hodgins finished in 54:23, which put her in ninth place in the F30-34 age group. Laine Bergen also earned ninth place in the F40-44 age group, with a time of 62:27. . Nikki Wilson’s time of 58:43 earned her fifth in the F50-54 category, and Tammy Gwilt earned an eighth-place finish in the F50-54 age group with a time of 63:58.

Other RTB runners included Kieran Waterous (50:33); Steven Fournier (55:26); Brad Pryce (56:23); Michael Nesbitt (59:37); Diana Graham (65:15); Shelby Reimer (65:59); Ryan Tutte (69:02); Marianne De Boer (64:23); Jabin Postal (64:23); Eric Langmayr (69:56).

At the Vancouver First Half Marathon, the CVRR team was led by Aidan Anderson, who finished in ninth place overall with a time of one hour and six minutes (1:06). He also took third place in the very speedy M25-29 age group. Roz Smith finished in 1:54, earning her first place in the F75-79 age group.

Rob Kelly earned third place in the M60-64 age category with a time of 1:26. Andrea Wilson also earned third in her age group, with a time of 1:29. Wayne Crowe finished in 1:33, which was good for second place in his age category. Janet Green finished in 2:23, earning sixth place in the F70-74 age group. Full results for both of these events are available online.

Clinic update

The CVRR 5k Running Clinic is now midway through its 10-week program. It culminates with a 5k Fun Run on March 23 at the Dove Creek Hall. While the 5k Fun Run is a graduation run for the clinic, it is also open to the public. The Comox Valley RV Half Marathon takes place the following day on Sunday, March 24, making for a busy month in the local running scene. Both of these events take a huge number of volunteers, so if you’re not going to run then join the fun as a volunteer or supporter along the course. More information about both of these great events at