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Courtenay lawn bowlers scorching the green

lawn bowling



Pat Cutt

Special to the Record

Courtenay Lawn Bowling Club is running hot.  Qualicum Ladies Triples felt the heat, June 25-26, as Pat Cutt, Irene Whitehouse and Melie Ursulom won three of four games to take first in “B” event while Jackie West, Carolle Allen and Pat Norrad also won three of four games to win the “C” event. Sandy Mitchell, Gloria Wilcox and Brenda Edwards of Parksville were the overall winners.

June 22-23 was Nanaimo’s 60+ Wheatcroft Mixed 4s and Peter Harding, Carole Nelson with Irene and Bill Whitehouse won the “C” event with three wins and Pat Cutt, Jackie West, Mike MacDonell and Dan Bereza won the “D” event. We are movin’ on up! A Nanaimo team led by Rick Quibell won the top spot in this one.

I promised a local rundown of events, so:

Monday Interclub league: Courtenay Ladies are in first place with four more games to go while the Men are in second place. The teams participating in this change from week to week so there will be no names unless someone scores a shutout (ha ha!).

Tuesday Pairs: After two weeks there are four teams who have won both games – Archie and Linda Harris, Pat and Gord Norrad, Tommy Higgins and Carole Allen and Mike Macdonell and Pat Chambers.  This will soon start to sort itself out in the round robin play.

Wednesday Mixed Triples: After three weeks, Jackie West, Helen Ryley and Peter Cartwright are leading the pack with six points. Vern Greenhill, Carolle Allen and Betty Cartwright are right on their heels with five points and then the pack with four points: Mike MacDonell, Tom Higgins and Marguerite Scklarchuk; Irene Whitehouse, Cath Wiseman and Gary Windress; Lyndon James, with Bill Brazie and Norma Carswell; and Melie Ursulom with Dave Hambley and Linda Harris.

There are  seven more teams are involved in this so it will be subject to many changes up to July 26, when the teams change.

Thursday`s Webber Singles: There are many players with different numbers of games but at the moment it is Melie Ursulom and Vern Greenhill leading the way, having both won all three games.


I don`t have any numbers for the Friday Aggregate as yet.