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Fish and game club has fundraising calendar

The Comox Valley Record and its advertising partners have created a fundraising calendar for the CDFGPA which will award prizes every day.

About two weeks ago I received a call from Comox Valley Record publisher Zena Williams, that she wanted to talk to me about a proposed project. The proposed project was the calendar pictured with the column and the time line was rather short from inspiration to production. Our committee was small and consisted of Zena Williams plus Record staff, and Gail Eggiman, Linda Marinus and Dale Frame from CDFGPA. The “Publisher's Note” on the back of the front cover does a neat job of explaining the creation and purpose of the calendar.

“The Comox Valley Record is proud to support the members of the Courtenay  &  District Fish and Game Protective Association. Their ongoing efforts to protect our area’s natural resources and wildlife are a great asset to our community. The facility and grounds are world class and provide excellent opportunities to get into nature and learn about the importance of conservation.

"This calendar has been produced for them by the Comox Valley Record as a fundraiser. We thank our advertising partners for enabling us to help the Association raise funds and awareness for their very worthy programs. Please support them by entering to win prizes that they so graciously donated. Go to to enter. - Zena Williams, Comox Valley Record.”

This neat paragraph only gives a partial story of the calendar. The ad with the release of the calendars highlights the title above the pictures of the calendars with a large 'Three Six 5' headline. This symbolism means that for every day of 2015 there will be an online draw to win prizes from the calendar's advertising partners. They vary in value from $10 to $25 in gift certificates as noted in the little inscriptions at the bottom of each day's box. The total value of the prizes is in excess of $3,700.The calendars are $5 each, (considered a donation to the CDFGPA.) Remember to enter the contest go to and enter every day.

Aside from the prizes, the front and back of the calendar gives the history and valuable information on programs offered by this Valley oriented organization. The photographs of the animals and birds are local in origin with short notes on each picture.

The calendars are available in Courtenay at Gone Fishin, Tyee Marine, Sears, the Record and the fish and game clubhouse. I respectfully suggest supporting this year-long fundraiser adventure is a great way to help the CDFGPA carry out its ongoing programs, plus possibly staring some new ones. “Thank you, Comox Valley Record.”

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Fishing Report Rivers are presently in flood stage and not safe for shore angling, but when things settle down there can be some superb fiver fishing. Beach fishing at Royston has possibilities when it isn't blowing a gale. Beaches from Oyster River to Nile Creek for late run coho is still a good gamble.

Lake fishing has improved with the heavy rains. Shore fishing at Maple and Spider lakes will produce fish.

Ocean fishing has been surprisingly good for some areas. I have had good reports of catches of feeder  chinook up to 10 pounds from Campbell River and off the south end of Hornby Island. There has also been some evidence that this winter may be generous to recreational  prawning adventures, although it is too early to really get excited.

Last week I reported on deer hunting with my grandson and the fact we had seen considerable number of does and no  bucks. In discussion with a friend, he reported they had counted over 40 does in their hunting and only two spike bucks, that they passed up. In a normal year the bucks should be moving by this weekend as the rut approaches.

This is the best time of the year to do some antler rattling to attract bucks. They will respond to rattling antlers now because the dominate bucks are still in the process of establishing their territories. I have had deer almost run over me in coming to antler rattling, so be alert.

Ralph Shaw is a master fly fisherman who was awarded the Order of Canada in 1984 for his conservation efforts. In 20 years of writing a column in the Comox Valley Record it has won several awards.