Glacier Greens Ladies hold Spring Fling

Early bird entry deadline is May 24 for tournament on June 14




Tuesday, May 13 was a glorious day for the Glacier Greens Ladies Spring Fling – happy we were that Spring Rain had withdrawn her entry.

In teams of three with Stableford scoring, the team of Judy Brown, Wendy Dowe and Carmel Horochuck  commanded a good lead with 116 points. Second place went to Brenda Livingstone, Glenda Kinney and Lynn Pringle with 112.

Third place was a tie going to Bernice Henderson, Janet Edwards, and Pat Verchere, with 111, matched by the team of Tobi Norris, Roberta Cadieu and Gillian Iddiols.

KPs: #4 Gillian Iddiols, #12 Brenda Livingstone, #15 Roberta Cadieu #17 Wendy Dowe. No takers on #7 so in a draw Marie Israel was picked.

The prize team did a magnificent job of choosing a lovely array of flower baskets and planters/plants for all the prizes.

Next week will come quickly with the early bird deadline on May 24 for the GG ladies tournament on June 14. These entries will be in a draw to win back your entry fee.

Next Tuesday we are scheduled for the CTC qualifier and regular golf for others.

– Glacier Greens Ladies Golf