Glacier Greens Tuesday Men’s play it close

Four teams finish at -4 on a warm and sunny May 20 outing

Tuesday, May 20 weather was warm and sunny so 47 Glacier Greens golfers played “must use one drive and one second shot from each player,” and four teams came in with – 4.

1st –4 Terran Berger, Nick Mykitiuk, Henry Bonde, Greg Conway. 2nd –4 Dan Dupuis, Bernie Golding, Wayne Wood, Ben Gill. 3rd –4 Shane Robertson, Ted Sauve, Jack Jackson, Dick Stuart, Keith Ross. 4th –4 Dave Wacowich, Dak Ban, Doug Mann, Stu Tunheim.

Hole winners: #1 KP Al Pasanen (sponsor Chads West Coast Grill), #2 Longest Putt Ben Gill (Jo Klassen’s), #3 Car KP Shane Robertson (Brian McLean Chevrolet), #4 KP Shane Robertson (The Wine Cottage), #5 Longest Putt (Griffin Pub), #6 KP Glen Navfason (A-Lure Barber Shop), #7 KP Dick Stuart (Bill Kelly  Golf), #8 Longest Putt Ben Gill (Billy D’s Pub), #9 KP Ben Gill (Boston Pizza).

Draw prize sponsors were Canadian Western Bank, Aero Art Screening, Gill’s Catering INC, Panago Pizza, Quick and Easy Granite. Thanks to all the sponsors. Remember to order your food at the bar before you start.


– Glacier Greens Golf