THE BR. 17 Chiefs shake hands with the Victoria Racquet Club after Thursday's playoff tilt.

THE BR. 17 Chiefs shake hands with the Victoria Racquet Club after Thursday's playoff tilt.

Legion Br. 17 Chiefs wrap up playoffs

Peewee B squad loses to Victoria Racquet Club in sudden death overtime




The Legion Branch No.17 Peewee B Chiefs entered their minor hockey playoffs with their heads in the game and no expectations other than to play the game they love. Winning all three of their first-round games put them in a strong first place for the next round.

Semifinals are never a stress-free event for anyone involved and last Thursday’s game between the Chiefs and the Victoria Racquet Club proved no different. The Chiefs decided to mix things up from their regular regime to alleviate any stress that the kids may have been feeling with a little Zumba class instead of their usual dry-land drills. Feeling reluctant at first, the team came out unscathed and full of laughter and smiles when the evening was done.

Game day was like any other day and carried the usual routines for the families. Although there was one big surprise ready for the team when they emerged from the dressing room and entered the ice. They found the stands filled with fans, friends and family who all came out to support them.

The first period showed both teams bringing the puck back and forth with neither able to score. The second period showed the Chiefs may have underestimated their opponents as Victoria took a 2-0 lead. All the more determined not to let their fans down, the Chiefs came back in the third to tie the game and force sudden death overtime.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the game ended quickly with the Racquet Club sneaking the winning goal in from around the back of the net off a Chiefs’ players skate, but not without a strong battle to the very end from our team.

“Regardless of the outcome the Legion Branch No.17 Peewee B team would like to thank all the fans who showed up to support them Thursday night and express their extreme gratitude to the fans and their amazing sponsor – the Legion Branch No.17. Hockey is just not the same without them,” a team spokesperson said.

– Legion Branch No. 17 Peewee B Chiefs