Swayze passes ‘Judgment’ on Anderson at AFC 5

NATHAN 'ROADHOUSE' SWAYZE gives Warren 'The Enemy' Anderson more than he can handle.

NATHAN 'ROADHOUSE' SWAYZE gives Warren 'The Enemy' Anderson more than he can handle.






Nathan “Roadhouse” Swayze of Comox prevailed over Warren “The Enemy” Anderson of Vancouver at AFC 5 Judgment Day, Saturday night in Victoria.

When the Comox Valley’s Bulldog Fight Team arrived at Bear Mountain Arena for the Armageddon Fighting Championship MMA event they were delighted to meet UFC No. 1-ranked coach Greg Jackson, who was waiting for his fighter, two-time women’s world champ Sarah Kaufman.

“The atmosphere was relaxed and humorous. This is very important when getting ready for a fight,” said Bulldog coach Jonny Mac. “Most people don’t realize how physically and mentally draining the last few hours before a fight can be on a fighter.”

The first round started as planned, with Swayze keeping Anderson on his feet and keeping the distance with a stiff jab. That plan worked for about a minute – then the bombs started to fly. “In hindsight we underestimated Anderson’s fitness level and experience,” said Mac.


After a war against the fence, Anderson got the takedown and got into good position to win the round. There wasn’t much damage done to Swayze, but he seemed to exert a lot more energy then expected, Mac said.

The second round was a war from the very beginning, with both gladiators landing heavy punches and kicks. Again Anderson scored a takedown and nearly subdued Swayze with both a Kumura and Key lock. In doing so he spent a lot of energy. Anderson won the round, and a sense of urgency was obvious to both Swayze and his support team.


Swayze’s corner men, Bill Fraser and Mac, told him he needed to either knock Anderson out or submit him or he was going to lose the fight. “That seemed to be enough to get Swayze’s attention because the third round was all ‘Roadhouse,'” Mac said.

Landing a couple of huge blows and stuffing the takedown, Swayze got into a dominant position then took the back of Anderson. Once there Swayze made a couple of attempts to submit Anderson, but he was able to defend.

Swayze could sense his opponent was tired and was wearing down so he continued until he beat his will and subbed him by the rear naked choke when Anderson tapped at 1:53 of the final round.


The crowd was treated to a spectacular fight early in the night,” Mac said. “Swayze left this fight with a lot of experience and a new-found respect for his opponent. We will see Swayze back in action June 18 on the AFC 6 card.

“The CV Boxing Club thanks all our family, friends and sponsors for their support. Without them we would not be able to compete at this top level,” Mac added.

More info on the Comox Valley Boxing Club is at www.cvboxingclub.com or find them on Facebook.