KidStart Assistant Megan Lawrence.

Help needed for KidStart program

The John Howard Society of North Island in the Comox Valley would like to introduce the community to our new KidStart Assistant, Megan Lawrence.

During the summer months, you may see Lawrence in the community spreading the word about KidStart, the only one-to-one mentoring program for children and youth in the Comox Valley. KidStart is vital to many of the Valley’s children and youth. It did not take Lawrence long to understand KidStart’s significance to the volunteer mentors and children alike.

KidStart mentors are carefully screened and meet with a mentee ages six to 18 for three hours a week. They engage in a range of activities together, some as simple as going for a walk, providing children who may be needing extra positive support with a caring role model.

Unfortunately, 51 kids are on the waitlist in the Comox Valley waiting to be matched with a mentor. Currently, the program is in need of mentors 19 years and older with some time and care to spare, especially men.

For those who are interested in supporting the success of our local children but have other time commitments, becoming a KidStart Champion is a great option. To be a Champion, donors choose from three levels of monthly sponsorship (Gold = $100/month, Silver = $50, Bronze = $25). Champions receive a profile of the child they are sponsoring (names are changed to protect privacy), annual updates, a champion decal, and a tax receipt.

KidStart is funded solely by donations, grants, and gaming revenue.

For more information about KidStart in the Comox Valley, phone 250-338-7341, or learn more at