Over-population problems arise

It appears that it is when populations are on the move that issues related to over-population come into focus. As a result of the conflict in Syria, a number of countries have been confronted with these issues following the flood of refugees across their borders.

For information on the subject, google Purdah and over-population in the Middle East as well as Water, Drought, Climate Change and Conflict in Syria by Peter Gleick.

Due to the population density/drought factors which were triggers for the conflict, what are the chances that the relentless attacks on civilians are a strategy to downsize the population either directly through fatalities or indirectly through inciting a mass exodus to an unknown fate. In addition, thousands are being systematically exterminated in the detention centres.

At this time, close to 90 per cent of the 5 million refugees are living in the region. At war’s end, it is to be expected that the neighbouring host countries will order them to leave. Due to the loss of infrastructure, will the returnees, and their numerous future children, end up in long-term camps in Syria?

Will this situation help to destablize the country yet again?

Joyce Holmes