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LETER: Response to reader who suggested city not extend Connect Centre lease

There are plenty of services within an eight-minute walk of the Connect Centre
Courtenay’s Connect Centre. (Olivier Laurin / Comox Valley Record)

Dear editor,

I’d like to respond to a recent letter opposing the extension of the Connect Centre lease extension, suggesting it be moved so that it would be co-located with or a short walk from medical services (Courtenay resident opposes plan to extend Connect Centre lease, Feb. 7 Record)

Maybe the author was unaware the Connect Centre is an eight-minute walk from the Comox Valley Nursing Centre on 10th and Grieve Avenue. Other nearby services for the unhoused include the soup kitchen at St. George United Church on Fitzgerald (six minute walk); Alamo Club of Courtenay 6th Street and Grant Avenue offers addiction assistance (seven-minute walk); The Foundry by the John Howard Society, for youth at risk, on 10th Street and Grieve is a seven-minute walk; and the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction at 730 Grant Ave. offers social assistance, and it is only eight minutes from the Connect Centre.

I am unsure which medical services the letter writer was referring to but I suspect they will be glad to know there are medical and other services used by the unhoused only minutes away from the Connect Centre.

Nina Usherwood,