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LETTER - Links provided by Comox climate denialist lack any supportive data


Dear editor,

I read with interest the letter from Lorne Smith regarding ‘Climate crisis denial’ (Comox climate crisis denialist says issue is nothing more than alarmist messaging, Jan. 31).

In response to the demand to look for facts rather than opinions, I did some initial internet searches related to the Global Climate Intelligence Group and their ‘World Climate Declaration.’

As a retired university chemistry instructor, I have to admit that I do not possess expert credentials on meteorology or climate change - but from my search, it also appears that the vast majority of the 1,608 signatories to the ‘World Climate Declaration’ are no more qualified than I am.

Secondly, the ‘World Climate Declaration’ in its 32 pages is one page of declarations and then a list of signatories. No links are provided from the declarations to any supporting documentation - without clear supporting data, the declarations have no validity in themselves.

The actual data we do have is that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen from below 280 ppm to above 420 ppm (a 50 per cent increase) since the start of the Industrial Revolution - a change caused by our actions and not a part of a natural cycle. We are probably all aware of damaging changes in our environment that are a direct result of this increase.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, (who will have to cope with the world we leave them), we cannot afford to carry on with ‘business as usual.’

Rod Montague,