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Protect your financial well-being

Insurance is an important consideration for many circumstances. It isn’t only available to protect your home, vehicle and physical health – it’s also available to help protect you financially.

Have a plan for your retirement

You dream about living happily ever after in retirement, but are you taking the right steps to get there?

New mortgage rules come into effect March 18

Buying or refinancing a home this spring? Have you bought a home recently? If so, new mortgage rules may affect you.

Are you avoiding your finances?

“Should I pay my mortgage faster? Should I contribute to a RRSP or a TFSA instead? What should I invest in? Stocks? Bonds? GICs? Isn’t it better just to buy real estate? Will I be able to afford retirement? Should I save for my children’s college education or should I let them worry about it? Am I on track? If not, what do I need to do to get back on track. We make good money but live pay cheque to pay cheque…”
Café praised for ‘natural supports’

Café praised for ‘natural supports’

A small café in Comox is receiving a huge heap of praise for its supportive work environment and its dedication to inclusive hiring.

Minimum wage impacts jobs: report

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has released a report challenging the overall effectiveness of minimum wage policy in Canada, revealing that increases tend to hurt the very people they are supposed to help.

Office Politics 101: Referring a lousy employee

New year, new changes for Westerly Hotel

New year, new changes for Westerly Hotel

A brand new year comes with brand new changes for the Best Western Westerly Hotel, as the hotel is undergoing major renovations to its restaurants, pub and guest rooms.

Office Politics 101: Burning out and wanting out

Two Eagles soars with accolades

With two major accolades within nine months, Steve and Carolyn Touhey’s entrepreneurial adventures in Canada have been very well received.